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22 Sep

MAC Orange Lipmix

Another one of my more random purchases is MAC’s Orange Lipmix.  I always wanted to try the Lipmixes, and I picked up Orange during my love affair with all things orange over the summer.  Looks like I was just in time too, these seem to be gone from the MAC site, though they’re probably still [...]
21 Sep

Fyrinnae Swatches and Bonus MAC MES!

In my quest to post daily, here are a few Fyrinnae swatches I did a while ago.  These were swatched in full daylight over UDPP. A small window into the awesome world of Fyrinnae And finally, I went to a MAC Venomous Villains unveiling party tonight, and I was so excited that they had everything [...]
20 Sep

Vintage NARS: Babylon Duo

Oh NARS vintage section.  You are the knell for many good products of NARS past.  Babylon eye shadow duo has seemed to find a relatively permanent home in your arms, however, as it has been waiting to go on to the great beyond for months now.  During the last sale I finally caved and got [...]
19 Sep

Bobbi Brown Black & Black Velvet Sparkle Shadow

Ahhh yes.  Fall collections have cometh, and I am doing much rejoicing. Bobbi Brown’s Black Velvet collection for Fall 2010 has been one of my favorites so far.  I love dark, rich shades and these shadows deliver.  I purchased both Sparkle shadows that came out with this collection, Black and Black Velvet. Mmmm, sparkles. These [...]
22 Jul

NARS Super Orgasm Lipgloss

Because this is America, where we even super-size our Orgasms. One of the NARS Sephora exclusive gloss shades based on blush, NARS Super Orgasm is a milky pink (and perhaps a hint of peach) with lots of gold shimmer. As with most NARS glosses, it is not heavily pigmented.  It gives a natural, light pink [...]
21 Jul

Smashbox O-Gloss Noir

Ah yes, O-Gloss, the king of gimmicky lip gloss. Mood rings, move over.  O-Gloss is in town.   O-Gloss is supposed to “intuitively” change shade depending on your personal body chemistry, or some such thing.  It really just changes on contact with body heat, as far as I can tell. All gimmicks aside though, I [...]