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13 Aug

Tarte Joy Lipsurgence Swatch

Love these juicy pencils of juiciness.
25 Jun

MAC Caqui Lip Swatch

I’m loving Caqui, a great wearable orange.
24 Jun

Tarte True Blood Lip Stain Swatch

Tarte’s True Blood Lip Stain gives you a–you guessed it–”just bitten” look.
31 May

Lipgloss Stash

Alright, so after a million years, I decided to post again! Something simple this time, my lipgloss stash.
22 Dec

Chanel Nakkar and Aragonite Swatches

Chanel Spring 2011 got me like woah.   I got the Ombres Perlees palette, the JC, and the 2 glossimers, featured here.  The swatches are indoors, as unfortunately it gets dark at like 3:30 nowadays and I never get enough sun-time in.  Though they are inside, the swatches are pretty accurate both color and shimmer-wise. [...]
07 Dec

Liplicious Crystal Candy Swatch

A few days ago I was in Bath and Body Works picking up some of my beloved mini hand sanitizers.  Then I stumbled upon this tubed gloss, Liplicious Crystal Candy, and I must say, I’m going to go back for a few more of the same one!  I’m looooving it. Mmmm, sparkly.  Click to see [...]
04 Oct

Chanel Pink Pulsion Glossimer

My other purchase from Chanel holiday 2010 was Pink Pulsion glossimer.  I’ve been wanting a sheer fuchsia gloss (I’ve been ogling NARS Easy Lover) for a while, but had yet to pull the trigger.  Then along came Pink Pulsion, which is like Easy Lover with SPARKLIES, and I was sold. CLICK IT. Hey, sexy. Sheer, [...]
22 Jul

NARS Super Orgasm Lipgloss

Because this is America, where we even super-size our Orgasms. One of the NARS Sephora exclusive gloss shades based on blush, NARS Super Orgasm is a milky pink (and perhaps a hint of peach) with lots of gold shimmer. As with most NARS glosses, it is not heavily pigmented.  It gives a natural, light pink [...]
21 Jul

Smashbox O-Gloss Noir

Ah yes, O-Gloss, the king of gimmicky lip gloss. Mood rings, move over.  O-Gloss is in town.   O-Gloss is supposed to “intuitively” change shade depending on your personal body chemistry, or some such thing.  It really just changes on contact with body heat, as far as I can tell. All gimmicks aside though, I [...]
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