Category: Palette

08 Sep

Dior Mitzah 5 Couleurs Palette Swatches

The Dior Mitzah quint is one of the best Dior has released ever!
19 Jul

Chanel Prelude Palette Swatches

Chanel’s Prelude quad makes the perfect palette for fall eyes.
18 Jul

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette Swatches

The UD 15th Anniversary Palette offers fabulous shades with fabulous pigmentation at a fabulous price.
06 Dec

Tokidoki Mozzarella Palette Swatch

*stumbles in* So, uh, long time no post?  Well, a post a month still is an improvement! So let’s get down to it. After I got the large Tokidoki palette, I was interested in trying most of their stuff.  Unfortunately, not very many of their colors appeal to me.  However, the Mozzarella Palette’s combination of [...]
09 Nov

Tokidoki Robbery Palette EOTD

Here’s a quick eye look I did with the Royal Pride palette of the Robbery set. The lighting is warm in these shots but it’s still a relatively accurate representation.  I used Savana (gold) in the inner corner, Lion Pappa (bronze) on the inner lid, Ercolino (copper) on the rest of the lid and brought [...]
09 Nov

Tokidoki Robbery Palette Swatches

Welllllllllp, long time no post.  At least I got around to it in under a month, whereas my last hiatus was about a year.  Anywho, I recently got a boatload of items (pre-holiday sales galore), but one of the most interesting has been the tokidoki Robbery palette.  Yes, you don’t even have to ask– I got it [...]