Dior Mitzah 5 Couleurs Palette Swatches

  By Laura. Posted September 8, 2011 at 4:11 pm.

The Dior Mitzah quint ($60/.21oz, Limited Edition) has recently been released as part of Dior’s special mini collection honoring Mitzah Bricard, a woman who apparently served as muse to Christian Dior.  Now, I’m not usually big into Dior quints; I find many of them overly frosty with at least 2 shades I would never wear.  However, the color combination in this one caught my eye, and since I had a Sephora gift card to soften the blow, I went ahead and pulled the trigger.  I am SO glad I did.  The colors are amazing, in color and pigmentation.  The quint includes a warm ivory shimmer, a deep chocolate brown shimmer, a very warm golden tan shimmer, a khaki brown shimmer, and a camel shade with a sheeny finish.  Obviously, this quint is beyond warm.  If you can’t pull off warm colors, definitely pass.  However, if you can, run, don’t walk, to Sephora and grab this baby right up.  Mitzah is gorgeous.  The pictures were taken indoors (been raining the whole week), but they are very color accurate.  Enjoy!


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