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  By admin. Posted July 21, 2010 at 5:33 pm.

Ah yes, O-Gloss, the king of gimmicky lip gloss.

Mood rings, move over.  O-Gloss is in town.   O-Gloss is supposed to “intuitively” change shade depending on your personal body chemistry, or some such thing.  It really just changes on contact with body heat, as far as I can tell.

All gimmicks aside though, I quite enjoy the original O-Gloss.  It is non-sticky and moisturizing, and has that sheer, jelly-like quality I enjoy so much.  O-Gloss Noir is no exception.

In the tube, Noir is black.  Like, for real black.  However, once you put it on and give it a few moments to adjust, it turns into a sheer red-berry that looks naturally pretty.

See?  Not outrageous at all.

The wear-time is about average.  The glossiness wears down, but it does leave a slight berry toned stain that looks super natural.  The shade reminds me a lot of Fresh’s Sugar Plum tinted balm, except Noir is more pigmented.

The tube is convenient to apply on the go and to my nose there is a slight mint scent when you apply it, though it is unnoticeable after the fact.

I have no idea if this actually does look different on everyone, as I’ve only seen it on myself.  I assume you’ll get relatively the same result as I did, but hey, who knows.

O-Gloss Noir is available now at, and according to the site it is limited edition (isn’t everything these days?).

The Round Up

Shade: Sheer, slightly red-toned berry (at least on me!).

Scent: Slight mint scent in tube, not noticeable on lips.

Other fun adjectives: non-sticky, moisturizing.

Buy if: You love sheer tints of jelly-like color and non sticky gloss.

Avoid if: You are looking for a super-pigmented berry gloss.

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  1. 1 September 8, 2010 at 4:51 pm

    Thank you so much for posting a swatch of this! I was very interested but could only find images of the outside packaging before stumbling across your post. It’s been very helpful, thank you. :-)


    Laura Reply:

    No problem! Glad to be of help


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