Tokidoki Robbery Palette Swatches

  By Laura. Posted November 9, 2010 at 2:23 pm.

Welllllllllp, long time no post.  At least I got around to it in under a month, whereas my last hiatus was about a year.  Anywho, I recently got a boatload of items (pre-holiday sales galore), but one of the most interesting has been the tokidoki Robbery palette.  Yes, you don’t even have to ask– I got it for the packaging.  But I must say that I am pleasantly surprised with what’s inside!  First, let’s do the many pictures of the packaging (baka kawaii!!!).  All thumbs are clickable, by the way.

In the box, with magnet

The big heart-and-crossbones is actually a magnet! Totally cute.

Individual palette names and weight of contents

Front of the actual tin itself

Open with palettes inside

Cute little characters behind the palette

This little thing is removable by the way.  Can keep it in to use it to store the palettes, or take it out and store whatever you want.

And finally, the palettes themselves.  I only swatched the eyeshadows, as the blushes are sheer and were being washed out by the camera.  Don’t get me wrong though, the blushes are absolutely lovely, but I think they would primarily work for those with lighter skin (under NC35ish).  Royal Pride is a soft bronze with gold shimmer (the box refers to this as a bronzer, though I’d use it as warm blush or contour).  Momobella is soft peachy pink with gold shimmer (think NARS Orgasm).  Polpettina is a bright raspberry with silver shimmer, and possibly the one that would work the most for darker toned ladies, as it is relatively bright when built up.

Royal Pride, Arlecchino, Rapina

Make sure to click to view this full size!

The eyeshadows are the best part of the palette by far.  Pigmented and gorgeous!  Of course I used them over a primer, but I use every shadow over a primer and so I swatch accordingly.  Here they are (in the same order as the palettes in the previous picture), swatched once with a sponge tip applicator over primer.

Click to see it in its full glory!

Overall, this palette is totally worth the money, and what’s more, would be an absolute perfect gift for the holiday season.

Vital Stats

Price: $49 (though I got it for a bit cheaper from QVC)

Shade: Golds, browns, blues, silvers, blacks…you get the drift.

Finish: The shadows are all shimmery except Adios (black matte), and the blushes are also shimmery.

Limited Edition?: Not 100% sure but it isn’t listed as limited edition on Sephora, so a tentative “no”

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