Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette Swatches

  By Laura. Posted July 18, 2011 at 3:52 pm.

I was lucky enough to grab one of the limited edition Urban Decay 15th Anniverserary Eyeshadow Palettes ($55) when they first went up on UD’s site.  And by “lucky” I mean “crazy enough to get up at 7am specifically to purchase this palette.”  I think they are currently still sold out, but they will definitely be getting more stock in, as well as releasing the palette in Sephora and Ulta soon enough.  I have to say, I am supremely impressed with this palette.  Only 2 of the shades, Midnight Rodeo and Midnight 15, have any glitter at all, and even those have very sparse glitter that has pretty much no fallout.  Furthermore, each shadow is a full .05oz  and there are 15 of them, giving this palette a LOT of bang for the buck.  The shades are:

  • Midnight Rodeo: taupey brown shimmer with very sparse silver glitter
  • Tainted: soft, pinkish lilac with very subtle gold shimmer
  • Deeper: deep bronze shimmer
  • Midnight 15: a soft neutral beige shimmer with very sparse silver glitter
  • Junkshow: bright pink with iridescent violet shimmer
  • M.I.A.: deep brown cocoa shimmer
  • Vanilla: soft white gold shimmer
  • Omen: bright purple with iridescent blue shimmer
  • Ace: dark gunmetal with shimmer
  • Flow: soft, golden peach shimmer
  • Evidence: blackened blue shimmer
  • Blackout: smooth matte black
  • Chase: bronzey tan shimmer
  • Deep End: greeny teal shimmer
  • Half Truth: grayed out deep purple with shimmer


The actual palette it comes in is gorgeous as well, a very sturdy plastic top with beautifully faced letters on the top.  Under it, there’s also a big mirror.  Apparently, if you take out the eyeshadow palette itself, you can use it as a keepsake box.  When, if ever, I use it up I might to just that.  I swatched these once with a sponge-tip applicator over a base of UDPP, and took the photos in sunlight.  Now, without further ado, on to the pictures!

It comes in a cute little velour box

Look at the cool filigree on the sides!

The big mirror on the inside of the top (with the protective tape over it still)

The palette in sunlight

CLICK for full size!!

CLICK for full size!!

CLICK for full size!!

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